Fabric's Footprints Azam Cloth Market

The shopkeepers of Azam Textile industry pride themselves on, and so they like to stress this emphatically, being a part of 'the biggest towel market in Asia." You do have a tendency to lose an eye on both room and time although snaking your way through the numerous winding alleys covered with outlets of various dimensions. The marketplace is just a collage of several small interconnected bazaars where the sunshine does not always seep in and also history's wet musty scent prevails.

Operating out of the area of Lahore, the Azam fabric industry could be the heart that's been controlling distribution of ready and towel -to-use going back six years. From khaddar to silk, prepared- to-wear to apparel fabrics, everyday wear to bridal wear, the marketplace has something for each clothing shop.


In accordance with Mohd Amjad Sheikh, who has been since 1974 in the wholesale clothing business, the Azam cloth industry provides a wide customer-based equally in Pakistan and abroad. " we are visited by Shops from all over Pakistan, Dubai, and UK for their inventory purchases. The recent security concerns experienced their impact on the business. Your customer-base from India and Afghanistan has evaporated to virtually zero. We hope once the situation increases stores from all nearby countries will discover it relaxed to visit with us."

The stores of industry are well versed within the place's background, and every retailer could recount how once the market is made and called. A tiny market was near Wazir Khan Mosque; in 1953 whenever a path needed to be widened Normal Azam who presented their own title for the industry moved to its present area the market. Over the ages, the tiny market now has numerous interlinked blocks or bazaars all coping in wholesaling of various types of collections and apparel materials and extended.

Just how many interconnected bazaars exist in the market? There is no consensus as such but gathering from your comments of varied shop owners the quantity has to be approximately 20 and 15

'It's an Association.'

Every one of the bazaars of Azam industry monitored and are joined by a board. "You won't look for a more well managed company in Lahore. We have our personal structure with a certain set of guidelines. Every bazaar has its own president who in-turn is responsible to the board's president. Elections of the board are kept every three years to choose person of the board. Decisions made by the board and protection are binding upon the market neighborhood," the company community of industry proudly means out details of the 'association.' Clear counters, security protections and fire extinguishers demonstrate a dynamic contribution of the board that operates on selfhelp schedule. Every shop owner pays monthly costs of approximately 200-300 rupees to make a combined share that helps meet up with the maintenance charges.

Nawab Bazaar: Azam Cloth Market's earliest block

Every firsttime customer must wander inside the Nawab bazaar to acquire a sense of the place, although it is difficult to examine every bazaar within a visit. Nawab bazaar will be the first and also Azam's oldest block textile industry. Its spaces that are great that are available receive the customers to linger and shop at their own pace. The shopowners are friendly and there's a standard environment of cheer.

'What Is in the name?'

Based on this version, this first-generation of merchants loved to arrive late in the markets and opened their outlets around noon. So folks began contacting them nawabs (nawab implies a laid back almost noble attitude) along with the market had become generally known as Nawab bazaar.

Two different variations overcome in the market regarding the history of the name of block. One fascinating history traces origins of the name to business men's first-generation who began their firms within this market.

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